Karon Beach Phuket and Relax beach phuket


Karon Beach and Relax Beach, Phuket Thailand


Beach on the south of Phuket : Karon Beach


Only 10 minutes from South Patong, Karon Beach is the second largest beach in Phuket. Large and splendid with its calm waters and fine sand, you will find on this beach a little center with shops and restaurants.

In general, hotels are located directly on the front line, behind the road along the beach. This stands for the ideal setting for those who want to enjoy the pleasure of sun and sea while being close to a lively center.

On the beach and all day long, street peddlers sell cold drinks, fruits, ice creams or keepsakes so if you wish to do some jet ski or to go and explore the Coral Reef off the coast of Boo Island, you have everything within reach.

During the High Season from November to April, Karon offers perfect conditions for holidaymakers but from May to October, swimming is sometimes dangerous because of strong currents, don’t forget to take a careful look to the flags on the beach.

Beach on the south of Phuket : Relax Beach


Relax beach is located between Patong and Karon just after the hill, about 5 minutes away from Patong. The beach is splendid but unfortunately it is a private beach, only accessible through the Meridien Hotel.