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We invite you to contact us by fax, e-mail or mail and inform us as to the program you have chosen. Tailor-made programs can be elaborated upon request for groups, small groups or individuals. Prior to your reservation, you should inform us clearly about any particularity which could affect the validity of the transport and the good evolvement of your package (e.g. if you have a health problem, a physical problem, any disability or other), in order to allow us an adequate consultancy. At the time of the reservation, a deposit of 50 % (or more, as the case may be) is requested for booking confirmation.


Final payment is requested as follows :
for groups : latest 45 working days prior to the departure
for individuals : latest 30 working days prior to the departure


In case Asia Sensations Travel Co.,Ltd. has to cancel a package, all the amounts already paid by the customer will be reimbursed to him without any penalty fee.
In case the customer has to cancel a package, in its whole or partly, for whatsoever reason, following penalty charges will apply :

1.2 cancellation more than 60 days prior to the departure : the amount of the deposit

2.2 cancellation between 60 days and the 30est day prior to the departure : 50 % of the total value of the package

3.2 cancellation less than 30 days prior to the departure : 100 % of the total value of the package.


The cancellation fee is based on the number of days from your booking date on, departure date not included.
Unwritten requests will not be accepted.


At any time prior to his departure, a customer may upgrade the value of his package by adding more activities to his program or by extending his staying, without cancellation. An extra charge of 800 THB per person will then be requested for administrative costs. Asia Sensations Travel Co.,Ltd. However does not guarantee the feasibility of any modification requested within less than 45 days prior to the departure.

Asia Sensations Travel Co.,Ltd. beholds the right to modify without prior notice the hotels, restaurants, activities, transportation, etc… described in the program.




Any unused service included in the package will not be subject to any reimbursement.




We strongly recommend that the participants take their precautions against the risks generally associated with traveling abroad and, more specifically, medical expenses, hospital charges, repatriation costs, loss of luggage etc… and to subscribe to a specific insurance which would, under certain conditions and certain circumstances, cover the cancellation fees.

It belongs to the customer to subscribe to such insurance and if he does not, Asia Sensations Travel Co.,Ltd. will not be liable to any responsibility whatsoever in this regard.




Unless otherwise specified, all our prices are expressed in American Dollars (USD). Prices are subject to modification in case of devaluation or increase of the prices of transportation, accommodation, car renting, taxes or local services. Asia Sensations Travel Ltd. Part. guarantees all the prices as specified at the time of reception of the package's final payment.




Visits and excursions as proposed were existing and feasible at the time our programs have been elaborated. In case of any modification prior to the departure date (e.g. modification in opening days or hours of museums, entertainment parks, conservation parks etc…) the proposed activity could be delayed or cancelled and replaced by another activity, similar in interest and value to the previous one.

Asia Sensations Travel Co.,Ltd. beholds the right to modify the itinerary of the tour or the program itself, if the circumstances require such or if the interest or the security of the participants is jeopardized. Such unforeseen events will not cause any prejudice to the customer.



1.1 Asia Sensations Travel Co.,Ltd. acts as agent for airline companies, carriers, services suppliers, accommodation providers and other intermediaries required for the organization of the package tours in Thailand . Our role is limited to the forwarding of the reservations to abovementioned services suppliers and to ensure the quality of their services.

However, as it is not possible for Asia Sensations Travel Co.,Ltd. to have a direct control on those providers, our company will not be held responsible for any non-execution by said providers of some of their obligations -unless the non-execution is directly deriving from acts or omissions committed by direct employees of Asia Sensations Travel Co.,Ltd. Our role is to replace, if possible and in a fair way, unfulfilled services as the case may be.


1.2 Asia Sensations Travel Co.,Ltd. will not be liable whatsoever towards the customer -and will therefore not be compelled to any compensation whatsoever- in case of damage or expenses occurred following physical injuries, accidents, deaths, in case of damage or loss of personal belongings, delays, missed connecting flights, bad weather conditions, strikes, acts of terrorism, wars or any other unforeseen event at the time of the departure or in case the participant neglects to obtain the necessary travel documents (passport, visa etc…).
Personal luggage is to be transported under the responsibility of the participant. Asia Sensations Travel Co.,Ltd will not be held responsible for any claim from a late coming participant to the airport, for whatsoever reason, on the departure day, or for any delay from an aerial, maritime or ground carrier.


1.3 The participant is bound to accept any reasonable instruction related to the package he reserved. Should a participant have a conduct that could be harmful either to other participants or to a services provider, and should he persist in this behavior in spite of a warning from the travel agent or from its representative or from the accompanying tour guide, this participant might then be expulsed from the rest of the group and will be liable for all the expenses exposed by his conduct, including all additional costs for his accommodation, food and return transportation.

In case of expulsion of a participant, the travel agent will not be compelled to reimburse any expenses whatsoever paid by said traveler.


1.4 In case of fault, default or omission from our company to offer a service or a facility described in the program, our responsibility will be strictly limited to the financial cost of such service or facility.


Asia Sensations Travel Co.,Ltd. accepts following credit cards :
Visa Card, Mastercard



We collect and memorize the names, addresses, credit card references and other personal identification data of our customers booking on-line. These data are saved and stored in a secured off-line context and their use is strictly limited to our reservation procedure and to inform the customers about additional services and special offers or to give a better, more personalized and easier access to our services.



We do not collect the names and addresses of our website visitors. We do not sell, let or exchange lists with the names of our website visitors. We do not disclose the names, addresses, credit card references or any other personal information on the identity of our website visitors to any of Asia Sensations Travel Co.,Ltd.'s customers.

Upon a customer's request, we will not send him any other information or other offer than the one that is relevant to his specific transaction with us.




  1. Transportation by air-conditioned bus, minibus or private car.
  2. Accompanying tour guide or guide-driver.
  3. Accommodation
  4. Meals mentioned in program
  5. Mentioned visits
  6. Maintenance of luggage (only for groups)
  7. Taxes and services



  1. Overseas flight
  2. Drinks (except tea or coffee during the meals)
  3. Optional activities, optional visits
  4. Meals not mentioned in the program
  5. Personal expenses
  6. Tip to the driver or to the tour guide



The baggage allowance varies from one airline carrier to another, and whether it is a regular flight or a chartered flight. Each passenger is allowed to carry one hand luggage, which has to be placed under his seat aboard the plane. More relevant details will be given to the participant upon reservation with the airline company. On the bus, the space is more restricted and the participants will not be allowed to bring along more than one suitcase per person.

For the groups package tours by minibus, the following are accepted :
- for a couple : one medium-sized suitcase and one small suitcase
- for a single person : one medium-sized suitcase


office open from 09.00Am to 10.00 Pm


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