Mai Khao Beach and Sai Kaew beach


Mai Khao Beach and Sai Kaew Beach, Phuket Thailand


Beach on the North of Phuket : Mai Khao Beach


If you are looking for a peaceful and isolated place, you will enjoy the virginal white sand beach of Mai Khao.  Situated in far north of the island and 10km long, Mai Khao Beach is protected like the Nai Yang National Park given that many turtles come and lay their eggs. Camping is allowed but there are not many facilities.

Some hotels recently settled on one part of the beach but the peace and quiet has been preserved and let loving couple enjoy a privileged setting and relaxing holidays.



Beach on the north of Phuket : The national Sirinat Park


National Sirinat Park was declared a National Park in 1981 and is situated 30km north of Phuket Town. It contains various species of animal and fish, which thrive in this marshy zone. It is one of the last mangroves on Phuket Island and nature lovers will be thrilled.

Beach on the south of Phuket : Sai Kaew Beach


The white sand beach of Sai Kaew is situated in the far north of the island, just before Sarasin Bridge. Line with pine trees, Sai Kaew Beach has several small restaurants and fruit and vegetable merchants who settled close to the beach. Prices here are unbeatable.