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Naithon Beach, Beach on the north of Phuket


Beach on the south of Phuket : Naithon Beach


Situated in the north of the island, Naithon Beach is a true piece of paradise. Enjoy a long and nice stroll, ride or drive to discover a peaceful beach with no bustle.

From Surin, go back up to Bang Tao Beach side road, continue your drive north for about 4 kilometers up to a small village, then take the left road which goes back up to the north of the island. You will arrive on a hill lined with lush vegetation and rubber trees.

This magnificent little road can be explored in 20 minutes and overlooks many hills. It will allow you to enjoy the surrounding nature and to admire the clear sea. Down the last hill, the road leads to the enthralling small bay of Naithon.

Naithon is relatively little developed and its beach is rarely packed with people and does not comprise so many services or activities as on many beaches in Phuket. Thu the setting remains very peaceful and quiet.

At both ends of the splendid white sand beach, rocky headlands rise out of the sea, reminding us the abundance of marine life, growing with the waves. The setting is very pleasant for snorkeling during high season and is considered as one of the most beautiful beaches in Phuket. However, during the rainy season, the waves make swimming dangerous.